Hipster Lutheran’s Summer Reading List

One of the easiest ways that I think we can go against the relaxation/entertainment obsession of our culture is by reading. In an age of smart phones and social media, we don’t read books as much as we used to. Many people find it hard to sit down and focus and read a book. Even … Continue reading Hipster Lutheran’s Summer Reading List


In many of St. Paul’s letter’s he talks about how Christ is the foundation upon which the church is built. In 1 Corinthians 3 he provides a very vivid image of how this plays out. He talks about how teachers and workers in the church are building on top of the foundation of Christ. The … Continue reading Sin

Eight Bad Ways We Talk About Mission & Evangelism

While the missionary spirit is central to the Christian church, I am often concerned that the way we talk about mission and evangelism can be harmful and counterproductive. This article is kind of a shotgun approach to a lot of problems I’ve seen. Hopefully, in identifying why some of these ways of talking are problematic, … Continue reading Eight Bad Ways We Talk About Mission & Evangelism