Perfect Love

When we think of “love,” we tend to think primarily of romantic love. For example, if I were to do an image search for “love,” I’d get a lot of pictures of couples, pictures of couples holding hands, engagement pictures, wedding pictures etc., maybe even some babies thrown in the mix. However, when the scriptures … Continue reading Perfect Love

God Doesn’t Want You to be Happy

Our own culture puts a strong premium on happiness as the highest good. And while the idea that the goal of life is the pursuit of happiness may seem obvious to many of us, this hasn’t been the assumption of all people historically, and I would argue was not the assumption of the writers of … Continue reading God Doesn’t Want You to be Happy

Eight Bad Ways We Talk About Mission & Evangelism

While the missionary spirit is central to the Christian church, I am often concerned that the way we talk about mission and evangelism can be harmful and counterproductive. This article is kind of a shotgun approach to a lot of problems I’ve seen. Hopefully, in identifying why some of these ways of talking are problematic, … Continue reading Eight Bad Ways We Talk About Mission & Evangelism