Stuff I’m a Fan of

Here’s some stuff, books, podcasts, etc. that have been pretty influential for me.

Check it out:

Virtue in the Wasteland

This is my favorite podcast. Two old profs of mine talking about stuff that matters. Not always theology, but always theological. They can go all over the place, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

The Thinking Fellows

Great podcast. Much more linear and structured than ViW. This is more of a straight up theology podcast. Very topical.

The Bible Project

These guys are amazing. They produce simple animated videos that explain the Bible in a way that both does justice to its depth while making it crystal clear for anybody. They have videos that explain each book of the Bible, how to read the Bible and its different genres, themes that go throughout the whole Bible (these are really good), and word studies. These guys are a rare example of reading the Bible on its own terms without imposing their own theological tradition onto the Scriptures. Check them out on their website or on YouTube.

Exploring My Strange Bible

This is a podcast put together by the Bible Project of Tim Mackie’s sermons, lectures, etc. Mackie is the biblical scholar behind the Bible Project. He also has experience as a pastor and seminary professor. This is some really solid stuff. It handles the scriptures well, it’s deeply reflective and theological, it’s a great example of dynamic and creative teaching, really worth your time.

Hammer of God by Bo Giertz

Novel by Swedish bishop and theologian. Very practical. Very punch you in the gut law and gospel kind of stuff. I reread this every few years.

A Reader’s Hebrew and Greek Bible 

This one is for folks who can read Greek/Hebrew. One of the hardest parts about actually using Greek and Hebrew is having to look up the words so you can just read the text. This edition has all of the more uncommon words footnoted at the bottom so you can just sit and read and focus on the text. Pull out your Nestle-Aland or BHS if you want text critical stuff, but this is what you should read out of. I can’t recommend this more highly.

What Does This Mean?: Principles of Biblical Interpretation in the Post-modern World by James Voelz

This is not for the faint of heart. However, this is the best hermeneutics book I’ve read. It’s a lot more than just understanding different genre styles and reading things in context. Voelz goes deep into how language works and how the act of communication works. It gets very technical and precise, but I’ve found this book and its ideas to be extremely helpful in having a deep and foundational understanding of what it is we’re doing when we read the scriptures.

The Theology of the Book of Revelation by Richard Bauckham

Not going to lie, I haven’t read a book by Bauckham that I don’t love, but this is one of his shortest and best. If you’ve ever felt that Revelation is a closed book, too cryptic to be understood, then fear no more. Bauckham shows how understanding the message, form, and background of Revelation not only makes the book understandable, but it speaks helpfully to all of us who await the second coming of Christ. It’s not about decoding specific imagery, but about understanding the picture John is trying to paint of how the world really is from God’s perspective: Jesus wins.


This has nothing to do with theology, but I love this site/app so much. It’s for language learning. They have a ton of languages available and it’s all free. I’ve taught myself Swedish on here from scratch.