Here’s the blog.

Basically, this is a place for more extended reflections on ideas/themes that I can’t explore just on twitter. I like to chew on ideas for a while that I think are important. Eventually I’ll distill some of what I’ve been thinking into a post that is hopefully fit for public consumption.

I’m particularly interested in how we read and understand the scriptures as well as how we use the scriptures in our discussions with each other. I’m also interested in how we can talk to each other in more fruitful and productive ways, whether that’s within the church or with those outside the church.

In case you didn’t know already, my name is Kendall Davis and I am an LCMS Lutheran studying at seminary right now. Don’t hold any of that against me.

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Posts should be weekly more or less. No promises though.


I go into a little bit more about myself here if you’re interested.